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Hawaii Travelogue Entry 5

And then for today's!!!

Today, we left early in the morning for Waimea Canyon. As per usual, I spent most of my time either playing Pokemon Conquest or napping. Along the way, we stopped by a market called Ishimaru Ishihara, where we picked up shoyu ahi poke, squid poke, and spicy lobster mayo poke la;sdkghksdjf. We also got some hot lunches: chicken katsu for me, lemon chicken for my brother (which was laughably just chicken katsu with a really bright yellow lemon sauce), teriyaki beef for my dad (but originally for my mom), and butterfish for my mom.

We saw so many different views of the Waimea Canyon, I could almost say I got sick of it LMAO. IT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS. But omg riding in the car so long and being hot, walking around in the sun alkdhgdsf. We finally stopped at this big field with a restaurant and museum to have lunch. There were chickens everywhere (though that's a regular occurrence on Kauai apparently) and it was funny because this dad would carry his kid in his arms and go chasing after the chickens while making airplane noises slkdghkdsjglsdf IT WAS CUTE. There was a lot in the lunches, even for someone like me who eats tons. I was starting to feel full and it looked like I hadn't touched my chicken katsu at all, there were so many pieces alksdghdsjf. My mom, brother, and I decided that if my dad wanted to go hiking, we would refuse since we were so hot and tired alkjfd. He decided not to anyways since the shortest hike was around 2 miles LMAO.

Eventually, I started to feel quite scared of heights, especially at a portion that was part of a trail so there wasn't any railing or anything. We kept going and going because me dad wanted to reach the end of the road. FINALLY we got there, looked around, took some pictures, and then headed back. I thought we were going to head home, but no, he decided that since we were already here, we might as well try to get to the end of beach, too. On Kauai's west side is like, the longest sand beach or something, 12 miles long, I think they said? Well, we ended up driving along some five miles of dirt road, bouncing back and forth trying to do this. It took until when the road started turning into sand to convince my dad to start heading back, but not until we got out to try getting to the beach on foot. THE SAND WAS SO HOT ALSGHLSDHSKDHGKLSDFJ. My brother and I were both miserable lmao. We quickly took pictures and got back into the car. Fifteen minutes to get back to the main road. It was suffering.

At the very least, we were heading back home now. Unfortunately, we stopped by a shave ice place when I woke up and I was not amused. I was feeling reaaaally shitty because of the heat and I don't actually like shave ice that much. After some water and time, I felt better, but man was I really grumpy alshdgkf. We stopped by Ishihara again to pick up a head of cabbage and some meat to barbecue, settling on the strange "char siu chicken." And then we got home. For dinner, we had the poke we got early, the stir-fried head of cabbage, and my dad barbecued the chicken (which was surprisingly really good), all with rice.

And that about wraps up today. It started off pretty well, got really shitty, and then got all better again because mmm, food. Yup.

End Day Five