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Hawaii Travelogue Entry 4

A day late with this whoops

We went to a beach early in the morning, Tunnels Beach, to be specific. It was a long walk along the beach to get to this beach alsdkghjdfkd. While my dad and brother were swimming around, looking at the reef, I was on the shore building a wall to stop/contain the water. It's what I always do at the beach.

Because we got there at 10, it was only 11 when we started heading back. On the way back, we saw a sea turtle floating within a meter of the shore alkghladsghdfl IT WAS SO CUTE. Once we stared at it sufficiently, we went to go see the Dry and Wet Caves. They were both amazing and underwhelming at the same time. On another note, my mom has been thoroughly obsessed with taking pictures during this trip, WHICH IS GOOD, except I always need time to actually look good so alsdkghjlhksdjgdf. We went to have lunch at the Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant (the fish market part was ridiculously overpriced klahgsdhkdjsf) which was okay, I guess. It was fun enough and the plates with our meals were all in big bamboo steamers haha. I had a cajun ahi burger, my brother had a calamari burger, my mom had the fish and chips, my dad had the fish tacos, and we all got onion rings and clam chowder. I have to say, the chowder was really good. It was lighter than any white chowder I've ever had, which is strange but good. The ahi was good enough, though I think it was cooked a bit more than medium-rare haha. All in all, it wasn't bad. Too bad we didn't go for dinner, since it's supposed to have really good sushi pfffffth.

After lunch, we went to the Hanalei farmer's market. We were mainly looking for vegetables my mom could make for dinner, but it was mostly all fruit... We ended up getting baby bok choi, a big bag of longan, and a bar of mangosteen soap that's supposed to be very good for eczema. We left fairly quickly since they didn't have all the vegetables my mom wanted.

That was pretty much the extent of what we did outside. After returning to the resort, we moved units. This unit is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE SCREAMS. It's closer to the pool, which is good for everyone else in my family, and it actually looks... nice here lmao. I'll get pictures later since I promised Chuu ADKSLJFGASDGJSFD. The rest of the day was pretty much rolling around online and playing Pokemon Conquest, so yeah.

End Day Four