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Keiichiism ([personal profile] homoerotic) wrote2011-07-26 04:31 pm
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7/26/11 Poems

I'm stardust to fall asleep,
gumdrops into a peaceful lullaby.
I'm fishnets through dreams
as they deus ex machina my sight.
We rainbow powder along the
gently wicker basketing landscape
as I turpentine around and
kiln you on the forehead.
Good night, I stain, windowing
you down the path through
the trees toward your sweet
sap bed. Requiem well
dear, darling
I legend you
because I'm stardust
to sleep in the
flashbulbing quiet, wastebin
for dreams to enmity
from the prehensile froth.

Welcome to the woods of Alaska.
If you see a wild animal, please
assume the fetal position.
Should the UHA, or
Unidentified Hostile Animal, continue
slowly sing the ABCs.
At the end of the song,
leap up suddenly, arms spread
wide, shouting
Most animals will have lost
interest or been frightened
away by now.