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Keiichiism ([personal profile] homoerotic) wrote2011-07-24 11:29 am
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[Poem] Love is like a cock in my mouth

Getting close to you was like
sucking your cock everyday
for a year, which I’ll
have you know was about
as pleasant as
the day after having
bad Chinese food. I
could have done without
the daily dick licking, but
when I’m in love,
it’s kind of hard to see
that you’re fishing for
auditory blowjobs. It
would have been far more
enjoyable for me if
I had shoved my cock
up my own
ass and licked it
clean afterward. My mouth screams
for me to rid it of your
bitter taste, which I can’t
do because it’s one thing to give
yourself to someone, but another
to forget them. The taste
of your vitriolic come is imprinted
on my tongue, not to mention
my mind. But you only
kept me around to
smear your rank
semen all across my face
in a splendid act of humiliation
as you laughed at me
with that smile that promised
the bliss I gave
you. It’s not a question
of what I saw in you
but why I so readily
lapped up your cock as
if it tasted like an
éclair. Looking back
on everything, I’ve
realized it’s a stain on
my favorite shirt (it’s
there if you
check, I assure you).